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Faramis Hero Mobile Legends Bang Bang at Revamp After no fans

Faramis Hero Mobile Legends Bang Bang at Revamp
Faramis Hero Mobile Legends

Since the first time Mobile Legends officially issued Faramis hero, fans of this game rarely use this hero in matches, finally Faramis got his turn in Revamp.

Reporting from the real mobilegends Instagram account, Mobile Legends will update the appearance and skills of Faramis in the Patch 1.6.64 update, as for some changes to Hero and battlefield adjustments.

Faramis is the only Mobile Legends hero who hasn't had a new skin since its initial release.  The support mage hero, which was released on May 18, 2019, has only been used once in the MPl ID tournament, when it was used by RRQ Lemon.

This update will bring the attention of many players, support mages who didn't get much playing time in Land of Dawn will finally get a revamp in 2022.

If you are an ML player, you will agree that Faramis is a very rare hero among gamers.  In addition, the hero with the least skin.

Changes in faramis First of all, its appearance will change.  It will look cooler and more surprising.  But of course the change in appearance will not affect whether Faramis will be in great demand by Mobile Legends players.

Faramis skill change

The first skill now Faramis enters Shadow Mode, strengthens himself and leaves a mark of shadow on enemy heroes that come into contact with him.

When out of shadow mode, all marked heroes will be attracted to Faramis.

First skill description

Faramis enters Shadow Mode for 3 seconds, gains an additional 70% Movement Speed, 50 Physical & mage.

Additional defense, as well as the ability to bypass obstacles, enemy heroes who come into contact with Faramis in this mode will be dealt 250 (+60% Total magic power) Magic Damage and gain a Nether mark.

Every enemy hero that is hit will also reduce the Cooldown of this skill by 20%.  When leaving shadow mode.

Faramis will pull marked enemies towards him, dealing 250 (+60% Total magic power) Magic Damage to them.

The second skill now faramis extracts a torrent of Evil Spirit which can split in a fan-shaped area in front of him

Second skill description

Faramis gathered Nether Energy in a fan shape in front of him.  Deals 400 (+144% total magic power) magic damage to enemies inside.

The energy will then split and bounce off nearby enemies, dealing 200 (+ 72% total magic power) magic damage (split up to 3 times to hit enemy heroes and 1 time to hit non-heroes.

The third skill now faramis summons an altar.  Team heroes including himself who have been eliminated in this altar will immediately revive for some time.

Third skill description

Faramis changes his surroundings to the Nether Realm for 6 seconds, dealing an additional 600 + 30 (+6% total magic power) % HP to the affected team's hero and himself.  can move or attack but is immune to damage.

That's the official review of Faramis Hero Mobile Legends Bang Bang at Revamp after there were no fans and whether this season 25 will be a subscription from Ban.

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